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Welcome to The West Wing Searchable Episode Transcripts Transcripts

This site is dedicated to providing a resource for loyal fans of NBC's The West Wing -- mainly, Will G.


  • March 16, 2008: Episode 5-04 ("Han") added, thanks to David Mercier of!

  • Season 7 status:
    Need all eps after 7-14.

  • Season 6 status:
    Need all eps after 6-03.

  • Season 5 status:
    Need 5-10 ("The Stormy Present"), 5-11 ("The Benign Prerogative"), and 5-18 ("Access") -- otherwise, 5 is complete.

  • All previous seasons are complete! :)

  • April 13, 2004:
    The West Wing Episode Transcripts site is live!
Here you can browse the summaries and transcripts of episodes of the show,
and you can also search the entire text of episode transcripts to find your favorite line or quote.
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The calendar is a quick way to see when episodes (new and old) are on the air.

The store has various witticisms and campaign materials related to the show. (More coming soon, and I am taking suggestions!)

Finally, the resources page has links to other West Wing sites.

Seasons 1 through 4 transcripts are complete!
Trying to get the remaining four eps from season 5, and the majority of seasons 6 and 7.



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